The Internet of Things - Intelligent Impact on Human Life

The Internet of Things or IoT had been a concept that technology innovators had been toying with for decades. Today, it’s becoming the standard way to work and live.

    1. What is IoT?

  • With the cost of accessing broadband internet plummeting and almost a third of the population having access to smartphones, the Internet of Things was just an inevitability. Simply put, it is the principle that any device can be made more resourceful by connecting it to different kinds of sensors and a network, so that it can interact with the user or other devices if required more efficiently.
    To give a clearer picture, here are some avenues where the Internet of Things has already made an impact in our day to day lives.
  • 2. Transportation

  • It’s easily one of the most obvious places where you see IoT at work. Leading automobile manufacturers like GM and BMW have incorporated LTE technology in their new models. This provides access to real time traffic information and vehicle diagnostics among other data to the user. It’s just a matter of time when car drivers will have detailed information of their whereabouts at their command.
  • 3. Smart Homes

  • Our homes are getting smarter every day. IoT has made it possible for you to interact with your home and control a wide range of devices and appliances through your phone regardless of where you are. This includes your air conditioning, your stove, entertainment systems, lighting, and security systems.
  • 4. Industries

  • IoT allows business owners to keep track of their machinery and how optimally they are functioning. Strategic placement of sensors allows you to know when performance is below par or repairs are needed. An automatic intimation is sent to the concerned maintenance crew and if required an order for new components is automatically placed to the store.
    It should be understood that while IoT is being put to practical use in so many avenues, it’s impossible at this point to grasp the actual opportunities and applications it provides going ahead. The possibilities are endless. The future is getting smarter as we speak.