Shilpa to Open Up Bids After Dachas Showcase Mid-June

Russian Dacha Seasonal Homes To be Showcased By Shilpa In Mid-June

  • Bangalore-based Shilpa Developers have announced that they will showcase their Russian style ‘Dacha’ seasonal homes in mid-June this year.
  • A Dacha is often nestled among peaceful surroundings, where you can spend some quiet time and reinvigorate yourself before heading back to the normal bustle of work. They also offer excellent venues to host private parties.
  • Dachas are steeped in Russian history. These were homes given as gifts by the Tsars (Russian Monarchs) to the people loyal to them. In modern times, the concept of Dachas in Russia has undergone quite a change, with a special focus on being a retreat home for the wealthy.
  • Shilpa’s Dachas are aimed at people looking to live the elite lifestyle. The community is built on about 4 acres of land located on the outskirts of Bangalore, housing about 27 Dachas in total. Fully air-conditioned, each of these Dachas feature huge private gardens. In addition, features like clubhouse and other luxurious amenities are also provided.
  • Each Dacha from Shilpa has the signature of a traditional Russian Dacha, right from the arched roofs to exposed ceiling beams, entrance, parking spaces, and so on. But this focus on traditionalism does not mean that technology has been shunned. In fact, Shilpa Dachas are equipped with the latest home automation and security features.
  • Shilpa is offering Dachas in three formats – Opulence, Grandeur, and Luxury. Opulence Dachas have a private pool, a large garden spread over 6000 square feet, and four zones split to meet the needs of your family, visitors, office, and you, the individual. You can choose to have a room for either a snooker table or home gym. Plus, there is also a dedicated home theater room.
  • Grandeur Dachas come with all specification of the Opulence Dacha. In addition, they also feature a private elevator, double height bedroom for children, and a conversation pit that will make discussions with visitors enjoyable.
  • The Luxury Dacha comes with four bedrooms and a family lounge on the first floor. The home theater is located on the second floor. These Dachas are perfect for those who wish to customize their homes according to their desires.
  • Shilpa Dachas are located just 200 meters from Bellandur Junction, with easy access to nearby healthcare and shopping facilities. And for people looking for a weekend retreat to relax, these Dachas may just be the perfect choice.