Shilpa Group

“The essence of development can hardly be seen after its completion. When one judges things based on the outer shell, if it’s beautiful enough you say, ‘ok, let’s move on to the next thing’- but that’s no more development than it is decoration. For when the soil erode underneath will it remain upright? When the rain has weathered away that superficial layer, will its nature be lost? True development is building a foundation that stands adamantine against the test of time -that is how a truly great nation is built.”

Mr. Tallam Ramachandra - Chairman

Pioneer of the fastest developing nation.

The history of Shilpa since establishment in 1980 by Mr. Tallam R Rajan had been one of culture, ambition and a vision of a sustainable India.

Grounded in trust and loyalty, these values have become the solid foundation for the emergence of Shilpa Group Company.


“We are happy and appreciate the construction of Project I & II. We are very much pleased about the greeneries and club house and the overall facilities are also of high standards.”

- Pathi Praveen -

“With the poolside lounge and the café are well equipped with a modern touch in the infrastructure makes this the best place to stay. I think in a city like Bangalore if you want to buy a plot, look for a place like this because it will provide a good return in the future.”

- Anurag Shukla -

“It is a beautiful project. It does not give a cramped feeling. Lots of open spaces. The layout is nicely designed. This residential layout has all the luxurious amenities anyone could ever wish for. Serene locality and everything is great - landscape, plots, roads, and clubhouses.”

- Manish Singh


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Headway advancements across all sectors while maintaining communal & societal stability lies at the root of Shilpa’s aspiration