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in the construction industry of INDIA


Excellence in Engineering
Transparency in Conduct
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Shilpa Company Group’s shareholders and board of directors are committed to uphold the highest level of integrity and compliance for a privately owned enterprise. We believe this is critical in ensuring the
sustainable long-term growth, success and the realization of our goals.


Corporate governance is integral to Shilpa’s objective to sustain an organisational culture based on the Group’s vision and values, placing strong emphasis on upholding the highest standards of business conduct, ethics and integrity amongst the Group’s employees, supply chain and other business partners.

Shilpa Group businesses operates within an established and externally benchmarked corporate governance framework underpinned by its vision and values. At the crux of Shilpa’s corporate governance framework is the management and mitigation of operational and financial risks. At every level we ensure the necessary committee processes are well functioning, in line with local developmental laws and policies.

1. Shareholders

As the Group’s majority equity shareholder, the Chairman, Mr. Tallam Ramachandra is ultimately accountable for the workings and management of the company on behalf of shareholders and business affiliates.

2. Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for ensuring transparency and equity in the Group’s accounts and employs suitable accounting standards with impartial judgment to oversee organisational ethical conducts.

3. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for creating sustainable Shareholder value through the management of the constituent businesses within the governance framework. They are responsible for financial and operational strategies, the distribution human capital resources and the validity of financial information.

4. Sustainable Development

The committee ensures risks and opportunities on safety and sustainability and are given the highest priority within Shilpa Group. It supports the management and channels of business strategy via sustainable development.

5. Strategy

This committee specialises in corporate development assessment. With the main function of formulating the group’s corporate strategy, it sets objectives and priorities to deliver it.

6. Investment

This committee is held by investments and corporate finance. It is responsible for investment and treasury decisions. The committee oversees the allotment of development and investment opportunities and expenditures sanctioned by the executive committee. Funding for acquisition, disposal, partnering and joint venturing transactions, and commercial decisions are also directed by this committee.

7. Engineering Excellence Milepost

The EEM is chaired and led by the chairman, Mr. Tallam Ramachandra. It is responsible for leading the development and execution of the group’s innovation agenda by formulating breakthrough engineering strategies to give Shilpa competitive edge to drive industry-wide transformation.

8. Business Function

This committee delegates day-to-day management of unit operations, ensuring the alignment of business plans with strategic targets and that operational performance is in line with, or ahead of, approved budget plans.

9. Project Quality Assurance and Reviews

Project boards are governed by the standardised processes and a systematic approach to risk management and quality assurance in all delivery stages of projects.