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The Internet of Things - Intelligent Impact on Human Life

The Internet of Things or IoT had been a concept that technology innovators had been toying with for decades. Today, it’s becoming the standard way to work and live.

The Smart City in the Future

The marriage of living areas and cutting-edge technology signals an evolution of human ingenuity. A comfortable, safe, healthy, and ordered lifestyle in complete contrast to the confusion and chaos of unplanned modern cities has become a reality.

Construction in India in 2020, what you need to know.

In the face of rapid industrialization & urbanization, the construction industry is projected to see a big boom in the years ahead in a massive government investments seeking to rebuild India from its rustic yesteryears to a modern nation.

The first luxury Space hotel to be constructed 2020

The dream of sci-fi enthusiasts to be realised by space engineers in the form of a luxury space hotel. Dubbed the Aurora Station, the project is estimated to be completed by 2021, with the station ready to receive guests in 2022.