We think ahead about how our business and behavior impacts our clients, the industry and communities in which we operate. In all facets of our work we maintain respect for employees, locals and environments around us because we cultivate integrity. We are aware that the projects we design, engineer and construct is a reflection of our conduct and responsibility. In this regards, our operation exemplifies and exalts the virtue and dignity that becomes part of our clients’ legacy.

Health & Safety


Shilpa’s commitment to safety, quality and environmental is embedded in our every actions. Our conducts are the manifestation of the Group’s core values.


Safety comes first and foremost, nothing is more important than the safety of the people on our project sites and the public environment.

Environment & Community

In every instance of development we plan ahead solutions to minimise environmental impact, whilst seeking to improve the living and working environments of the community and society as a whole. We are committed to upholding a strict standard of excellence in environmental management and control.


By virtue of long-term observations and testimonies we have come to know how our work truly makes a positive different in the community. In light of this, our employees understands their responsibility to build with the highest regard to environmental compliance.

Our clients trust us to help them deliver complex construction and engineering projects that will ultimately provide the public with employment, civil necessities, health and education facilities. We take pride in knowing that millions of people across India have and will continue to benefit from the dedication of our employees.

We are committed to being partners of the
community by

Communicating with surrounding businesses and communities
to ensure they are aware of construction activities and their potential impact

Identifying meaningful opportunities to give back to
the communities in which we live and work through charitable outreach

Hiring a craft workforce that is representative of the local community