Shilpa is a Group Company with focus and dynamism. The axiom that underlies our work is to continually realize and surpass our clients’ vision -delivering a next level degree of excellence.We listen to your needs and come to understand your aspirations. Then we formulate result-focused solutions to reliably meet expectations and transcend your aspirations. This philosophy a statement of Shilpa’s success, one that underlies each timeless creation we have had the honor to forge.

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Shilpa group’s track record in the commercial space is evidenced by the 166 million Sq. Ft. of completed projects in India and internationally as on date.
Brigade Software Park - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Brigade Software Park
Prestige Omega - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Prestige Omega
Scrips N Scrolls - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Scrips N Scrolls
Prestige Featherlite Tech Park - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Prestige Featherlite Tech Park
Prestige Libra - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Prestige Libra
Wells Fargo Center - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Wells Fargo Center
Prestige Technopolis - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Prestige Technopolis
Prestige Alpha - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Prestige Alpha
S.J.R. Plaza - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
S.J.R. Plaza
Richmond Tower - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Richmond Tower
Medreich Sterilab - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Medreich Sterilab
Raheja Chambers - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
RMZ Icon
Raheja Chambers - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Raheja Chambers
Prestige Center Point - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Prestige Center Point
Raheja Arcade- Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Raheja Arcade
Prestige Water Ford - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Prestige Water Ford
Brigade Plaza- Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Brigade Plaza
Brigade Sesh Mahal - Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Brigade Sesh Mahal
Consulate One- Shilpa Developers , Bangalore
Consulate One
Global Village - Shilpa Developers , Bangalore
Global Village
Prestige Southend -Shilpa Developers , Bangalore
Prestige Southend
Prestige Emerald -Shilpa Developers , Bangalore
Prestige Emerald
Prestige Terminus 1 -Shilpa Developers , Bangalore
Prestige Terminus 1
Prestige Alecto - Shilpa Developers , Bangalore
Prestige Terminus 1
Prestige Delta - Shilpa Developer, Banglore
Prestige Delta
Prestige Dynasty - Shilpa Developers
Prestige Dynasty
Prestige Nebula -Shilpa Developers , Bangalore
Prestige Nebula
Prestige Opal - Shilpa Developers, Bangalore
Prestige Opal
Prestige Tech park -Shilpa Developers
Prestige Tech park
Salarpuria-Sattva-Dominion- Shilpa Developers ,Bangalore
Salarpuria-Sattva-Nova - Shilpa Developers , Bangalore
Embassy Star-Commercial Office Space in Bangalore
Embassy Star

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